My first experience with chiropractic was due to neck pain. I was 12 years old and heavily involved in gymnastics and cheerleading. I was a base during stunting which means other girls frequently fell on my shoulders, arms and occasionally my head and neck. One school morning my mother came in my room to wake me up and when I looked up from my position in bed and my neck went into severe spasm, I really had no idea what was happening, which can be quite scary. In addition to getting fallen on, I had a bad habit of sleeping on my stomach (which I don't recommend).  At this time I had never been to the chiropractor even though my father had been seeing his chiropractor regularly since the age of 16. TIP:Please get your families checked, spinal problems can start young! 

We went to the chiropractor that day and had x-rays taken, the film showed a misalignment in my lower neck, we call these subluxations. I got adjusted that day and followed up with ice and stretching over the next few weeks. I was very stiff and sore for about a week, but I slowly regained my full range of motion and began feeling better. I have always been grateful that my family knew about chiropractic and I was able to be treated naturally. If I had gone to the emergency room, they may given me pain relievers or muscle relaxers, which does nothing to correct the actual issue in the spine.

After this episode I have seen chiropractors over the years for many things including migraine headaches, where I was given Imitrex that resulted in making me unable to stay away and function during my college classes at Michigan State. I have also been treated for various other issues, such as upper back pain after a yoga injury. Even since becoming a chiropractor myself, I still get my spine checked regularly by my chiropractor.

Chiropractic allows the nervous system to function better and gives the body the tools it needs to heal itself.

Ashley Stal