• Low Back Pain and Sciatica

    Came to Healthline Chiropractic2 years ago for lower back pain and sciatica. Since I began receiving treatment my symptoms have greatly improved. I feel more loose and have increased my mobility.

    Dan Hollingsworth

  • Low Back Pain at 77 Years Old

    I've been coming to Dr. Blaskay for over 10 years and she has been treating my low back and sciatic pain.  With my job, she keeps me mobile and flexible with regular visits. I come in once a week and at the age of 77 I can still work full time.

    Irene Panyard

  • Sciatica, Migraines, Asthma and Weight Loss

    Telesa Hines

    Before joining the Life University Family as a DC student, I was traveling the country as a motivational speaker, facilitating workshops on self care, vibrational energy, and holistic healing. After becoming a Reiki master, I became interested in all modalities of natural healing. I visited Life University and discovered that vitalism and innate intelligence were in exact alignment with my belief system.

    Currently, my entire family is under chiropractic care. Since getting under chiropractic care, I no longer experience sciatica, which I’ve dealt with for 13 years. I no longer experience monthly migraines, my asthma symptoms have decreased to almost nonexistent, and I’ve lost 31 pounds because I’m more energized and moving around more. 

    I am not a believer in chiropractic because I’m a chiropractic student; I’m a chiropractic student because I’m a believer in chiropractic. And I’m a believer because I’m blessed to bear witness to the miracles of chiropractic every single day. This is the only health profession that embraces complete healing - mind, body, and soul. I love that the curriculum encompasses science, art, and philosophy. I am excited to claim my seat at the table of scientists and medical doctors, and share the gospel of chiropractic. 

    Telesa Hines